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Michael Pys, Dipl. OMT, NMT

successfuly treating headaches and pains

I provide Hands-On treatment for patients with headaches, injury and dysfunction including acute and chronic pain.

My approach is to take the time to understand what is going on with you, to explain it clearly and to treat you effectively.

I am most interested in finding the best way to help patients with what's important to them. This usually involves pain but often issues of movement, work and stress come into play. My foundation is in osteopathic therapy and the skills of soft tissue manipulation that are central to that approach.

In addition I have expanded my outlook to include the arena of pain science. This means I am interested in the underlying mechanisms at work, whether they are genetic, psychological or social. I am more than happy to offer immediate symptomatic relief that is usually where treatment begins. However it is often useful and necessary to look to the underlying causes and supportive factors, especially when problems are recurrent or ongoing.

I was featured on WGN Living Healthy
Chicago talking about neuromuscular therapy.

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The clinic is located at:

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Want to feel better?

I use gentle and effective osteopathic manual therapy, including cranial osteopathy, to treat a variety of ailments, from headache/migraine, acute injuries to more chronic conditions such as arthritis.

Osteopathic Manual Therapy can help with many types of complaints including:


I also work in the corporate setting performing on site workstation assessment and postural education. How to prevent back pain, strain and injury in the workplace.

Osteopathic Manual Therapy:

How can OMT help?

My approach starts with hands-on palpation and clear explanation of what is going on with you. Depending on the type of injury, healing times vary. Right from the outset I will be clear with you about what you should expect.

What does OMT involve?

Treatment is aimed at reducing pain, speeding recovery and promoting healing. This can include massage, soft tissue manipulation, soft tissue release, passive stretches and independent home stretching program. NO SPINAL MANIPULATION, NO CRACKING OF SPINE (HVT).

Longer term it may be appropriate to look at underlying factors such as posture and stress to maintain your well-being. Stretches, postural education and relaxation are all effective ways of helping.

What can I do?

Being actively involved in your recovery helps a great deal. If you understand what is going on and why it is happening then finding ways to help yourself recover and stay well becomes easier.

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