Different Views About Headaches

The Diagnosis of headaches is based on signs and symptoms, which are difficult to diagnose, because there is a significant difference in the symptoms/signs of tension headaches, cluster headaches and migraines.

Let me make this easy for you!

Over three hundred different types of headaches have been described in medical literature, but does that mean there could actually be three hundred causes?  Despite the enormous amount of research conducted to determine the cause of migraines, 10% of them it still remains a mystery.

About 90% of headaches are cause by musculoskeletal imbalance in the upper body.  The other 10% is unknown.  It seems logical that a skilled examination of your upper body soft tissue such as the neck, jaw, upper shoulders, and spine should be applied before a medication is prescribed.

For people suffering migraines/headaches: it is essential to understand just because you have pain in your head, does not mean the cause lies in your head.

With sixteen years of experience and over two thousand successfully treated headache/ migraine patients, I have discovered, if patient show symptoms of a unilateral headache, which can occur on either side of the head, or bilateral headache which can be on both side, or traveling headaches that are moving around, I am confident that I am dealing with soft tissue migraine-headaches.  I know that your physician may disagree with this diagnosis/treatment model, and it opposes the medical model, which states, that neck (musculoskeletal) related headaches are only unilateral.  I am confident that I can relieve and decrease unilateral /bilateral headaches with proper Neuromuscular therapy within minutes!  The treatments have long turn effect and have no side effects.

One of the most difficult challenges in working with acute and chronic headache sufferers is convincing them with neuromuscular treatment they can be symptom/pain free.  Since most headaches are musculoskeletal the need for medication may be avoided, as well as the side effects of the medication.

Final Thoughts

So, whatever age you happen to be, you can choose your treatment, either medication, neuromuscular therapy, or a combination of both, but if your headache is a musculoskeletal base, medication should not be the only treatment. ; Try neuromuscular treatment on the day you have a headache.  You have nothing to loose and if you are not better after a treatment appointment, it is FREE, yes FREE.

I will make room in my schedule to accommodate you.
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