Pain With Aging

As we get older our body and I mean muscles, tendons, skin, fascia, tendons and even bones are changing. Stress such as emotional or physical, have a direct effect on it. Our body as one and most amazing mechanism become less effective physical and mentally and recovery of it become much slower. Also the ability to heal it self (broken bones or other injury) become much less effective and as an effect of it will become more stiff and painful.

The area in our body frame that was injured in past, poor posture, old sport injury, over used, repetitive injury and was not treated properly will always remind us with pain and lim rang of motion. Lim range of motion is most of the time accumulation of old injury and will become chronic condition as we age, unless person did not abuse the body and recover from it with proper therapy.

Since restrictions tend to accumulate, the injury become chronic and our ability to move decrease or take more effort. These changes happen over long periods of time and cause pain, stiffness, and poor posture. But you can choose do not accept this road for yourself and take an active respond. You can choose to move and be pain free, as you grow older.

Isn't pain just a part of growing old? How can I do it?

By effort and determination. The best way to prevent restrictions from building up and improve you flexibility for a long time is:

Decrease pain. Passive therapy and active stretches that can be done by qualified therapist, cold application with acute pain and heating application in chronic pain.

Improve ROM by active stretches and moving your body through its available range of motion with minimum discomfort. The more you move in a particular direction, the easier that direction will become over time. Do that movement enough and your body remodels to make that movement even easier. If you constantly explore the available motion to your body, you will keep all that motion. If you explore the edges of your restrictions, you will slowly push that boundary back and gain more available motion. This works at any age.

Strengthen the effected area. Resistant exercise, pulatys exercise, weight lifting are excellent way to strengthen your body.

Final Thoughts

So whatever age you happen to be, demand more motion from your body and over time easier movement, less pain, and greater mobility, will reward you. Be consistent, follow the 3 steps that mentioned in this article and be diligent in your efforts, and your effort will pay off.

Stay healthy and happy!

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